Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank You List

Hi everyone!

So Thanksgiving is coming in two days and I decided to create a thank you list to reflect on the things that have made me happy this year.

1.  Thank you to those who have responded to my messages in a timely manner, and even more to those who responded almost immediately

2.  Thank you to my best friend who is a super generous, an excellent listener, and an open and honest communicator

3.  This year has gone by pretty smoothly, thank you to those who watch over me

4.  Thank you to those who are able to see the beauty in me and make the extra effort to show your genuine appreciation whether verbally or through a kind gesture

5.  Thank you to those who are emotionally stable, and consistent in the things you say and do every single day

6.  Thank you to those who regularly ask not only about me but also about my family members

7.  Thank you to those who voluntarily let me in on what's going on about your life without me asking

8.  Thank you to those who visit this website and leaving me your comments

9.  Thank you to those who aren't afraid to tell me how much you appreciate me in your life

10.  Thank you to those who do things for me without expecting anything in return
“The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.”