Monday, May 25, 2020

Dad's Sister

My dad's only sister passed away tonight on Memorial Day in Vietnam. One of my half cousins who lives in Vietnam about 45 minutes away notified me via text about an hour after my aunt's passing. I'm glad I decided to record our last conversation I had with my aunt knowing it would probably be the last time. Unfortunately, she only had enough energy to say three things to me: "I haven't been able to eat", "it hurts all over," and "I just moan all day." She passed away five days later. I wish I had recorded the previous three conversations I had with her when she could say more things to me.

When my cousin first notified me a few weeks ago, my aunt was already in bad shape, weighing at 28 kg or about 60 lbs and they all knew she was not going to make it.

I'm glad my aunt received some things I sent her before she passed away, but it had already been a little too late. I asked about a huge bruise on the left side of her face and learned that she had also recently fell. Shortly after the fall, I noticed that she got incredibly worse, weaker physically and mentally. She also could no longer sit up by herself, and then was already lying in bed like a corpse getting her diaper changed.

I'm disappointed at my dad's younger brother (especially his wife) who were in the longest feud with her and never really cared about her health, and his family lives a few doors down. It seems his four daughters are mean to her as well. On my aunt's last few days they decided to take her into their home to monitor her. It seemed like a last-minute act to me.
“The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.”